Myths about <strong>Manual</strong> and <strong>Automatic</strong> Transmissions

Is manual better on gas than automatic

Myths about <strong>Manual</strong> and <strong>Automatic</strong> Transmissions

Myths about Manual and Automatic Transmissions All things being equal, manuals still have a slht efficiency advantage. Myth 1 Manual transmission always provide better fuel economy. almost always better than the planetary automatic transmission equipped.

Car Fuel Economy Driving An <strong>Automatic</strong> VS

Car Fuel Economy Driving An Automatic VS But there are cars out there that will get hher numbers on the new federal MPG test with an automatic. Car Fuel Economy Driving An Automatic VS Manual Vehicle Gas Saving. manual transmission save gas", "driving an automatic car", "how to save gas driving manual". Which is better, manual or automatic transmission?

<i>Manual</i> or <i>automatic</i>, which is more likely to use

Manual or automatic, which is more likely to use Whether those numbers hold up in real world driving is a separate question. In terms of fuel consumption, which mode of transmission is bettermanual. The few who man up and step up to the breach then proceed to.

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