<strong>GR1225</strong> <strong>Repeater</strong> not re-transmitting. - Batboard

Gr1225 repeater service manual

<strong>GR1225</strong> <strong>Repeater</strong> not re-transmitting. - Batboard

GR1225 Repeater not re-transmitting. - Batboard I have 4 of these little repeaters on the air rht now and 2 of them have been on the air for about 3 years and I have not had to touch them. I friend had given me a GR1225 UHF repeater said friend owns a radio shop and. I'm lacking one however, and also the service manual.

Motorola <i>GR1225</i> UHF <i>Repeater</i> - Page 2 - Equipment Reviews - myGMRS.

Motorola GR1225 UHF Repeater - Page 2 - Equipment Reviews - myGMRS. The UHF model provided long haul mobile communications here in Atlanta and also connects to our 900mhz MSF-5000 repeater. In installed one of the 10 watt uhf ones only after much grief. Page 2 of 3 - Motorola GR1225 UHF Repeater - posted in. the manual is no where to be found online So i'm trying to find out, what are the. Are there any owners of the GR1225 out there who can tell me if i should be.

<strong>GR1225</strong> <strong>Repeater</strong> Question - The Forums

GR1225 Repeater Question - The Forums Ordered by the step by step instructions and it came with the wrong controller. Hey guys, I have a question about my Motorola GR1225 Repeater. The repeater is set up on RX467.5500 and TX462.5500 with a 114.8pl. is.

GR400/GR500 X-Pand <strong>Repeaters</strong> - Batlabs

GR400/GR500 X-Pand Repeaters - Batlabs We have had one on the air for over 2 years now and the PA failed only once do to an swr problem with a broken antenna. The repeater housing allows space for the R1225 transceiver module and the. for the service manual for the GR400/GR500 X-Pand Repeaters is 6880905Z54.

Instruction, users and <strong>service</strong> <strong>manuals</strong> for Motorola

Instruction, users and service manuals for Motorola We have had great luck with it and have it controlled with an ARCOM RC-210 controller. Our old controller locked up and the GR-1225 was keyed for over 16 hours and the PA did not fail! Here you will find instruction manuals, service manuals, user guides schematic, brochures. Motorola Repeater interface communications KIT.zip, 7.460 Kbytes.

Radius® <b>GR1225</b> <b>Repeater</b> - Coran

Radius® GR1225 Repeater - Coran That was replaced at increased cost to me (I-20 is not longer availabe). Sent it back and it was returned with a note saying "No longer a supported product". Overall it took almost 3 months to get a working unit. The compact desn of the GR1225 not only elimi-. repeater controller that modular repeaters require, it. Operator Manual Kit. their respective owners.

Interfacing the Motorola GR-1225 or GM300 to. - <strong>Repeater</strong> Builder

Interfacing the Motorola GR-1225 or GM300 to. - Repeater Builder Yes, it seems Motorola is no longer the great it once was. Nov 21, 2006. The R1225 is a continuous duty radio about the size of a MaxTrac that has. Below is a reproduced page from the GR1225 Service Manual.

RM89454 <i>GR1225</i> Page 1 - <i>Repeater</i> Builder

RM89454 GR1225 Page 1 - Repeater Builder The GR1225 Repeater relays both. controller that modular repeaters require, it cuts the cost to build a repeater by nearly a third. Operator Manual Kit. 10”H x. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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