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67 mustang auto to manual conversion

Disc Brake Kit Power 1967 - 1970 - Kentucky We could do without the tape deck and the tilt wheel and all that, but we'd hate to lose the power steering and automatic transmission. At Kentucky Mustang Automotive, you will find a complete line of parts for the 1964 1/2 - 1973. Disc Brake Kit Power 1967 - 1970. Complete conversion kit.

Ford C4 transmission - pedia The 390 block is the same one used for Mercury's 410 and Ford's 427 racing engine and the 428 street engine. Driving as laconiy as we ever do in a car like this, we knocked off 15.2-second quarter-miles with the air conditioner and the stereo tape deck going full blast and letting the XPL 3-speed automatic shift when it felt like it. The Ford C4 is a three-speed, medium-duty automatic transmission introduced on 1964 model. 1964–1966 Select Shift, 24/24 spline, castings C4, C5, C6; 1967–1969 Select Shift, 24/24 spline, castings C7, C8, C9. 1975–1980 Ford ; 1970–1977 Ford Maverick; 1965–1981 Ford Mustang; 1965–1979 Ford Ranchero.

C4 to AOD - Ford Muscle Forums Ford Muscle Cars Tech In a car stripped of luxury items, and with a 4-speed, we fure the 390 could easily get down into the mid-14 range (or as fast as last year's Shelby Mustang). Maybe we're getting feeble but we don't think we'd like to own a car like this with manual steering. The advantage of an Automatic Over Drive AOD transmission over the old. firmer than stock shifting, better over drive band, manual/automatic valve body and. aod swap, but my mustang is fe powered 406ci jmdjr67.

Speed Transmissions Home You'd think that dropping an anchor like the 390 engine into the Mustang would overload the front end and make it handle like a real dog, wouldn't you? We can provide everything you need for your conversions. TREMEC's TKO series of 5-speed transmissions was first made famous by the 5-liter Mustang. strength and street manners – which may be why it's the manual transmission behind. GM auto-manual swap package · '67-9 Camaro pedals and linkages · Online.

How to decide between an automatic Mustang GT or a The puristi will glance at the specs and hoot derisively at the 60.3/39.7 per cent weht distribution and tell you the r will never fly, rht? more weht on the front wheels than the last Mustang we tested—a 271-hp 289. Let's assume you're looking at exclusively V8 Mustangs. Choose Automatic if you want to be. How hard is it to convert an automatic to manual? How quickly.

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