Trek 6000 owners manual

Bike- Whether you’re e-biking through your home town or hitting the hills somewhere in Europe, support is always around the corner. Q: The product is desned in such a way that the settings menu cannot be launched if it detects that the bicycle is being ridden. Is the official online source of product owner's manuals for the following cycling brands Trek Bikes, LeMond Racing Cycles, Gary Fisher.

Safety & Res - Trek Bicycle Store Q: Range in normal mode is 85 km, but the range overview shows fewer kilometres. A: Yes you can, because the cycle computer is not associated to a dedicated e-bike. At the moment SHIMANO STEPS is desned for Pedelec 25km/h exclusively. You can do settings, firmware update and diagnostics. The Owner's Manual contains detailed instructions on how to properly install a. 2007, 4300 D, 6000 D, 7.3 FX D, 7.5 FX D, Bitter, Fuel EX 5, Fuel EX 5 WSD.

Owner's manual - Scene7 As sure as wheels turn, bikes need fine-tuning from time to time. A: The range overview is recalculated continuously by calculating speed, driver behaviour and power consumption. If the drive unit has not been updated for a long period of time, contact your local bike dealer. A: Warranty is 2 years for all STEPS components beginning with the date of purchase. Q: The reason for E012 is the initialization of the torque sensor. A firmware update will be available on , which will provide automatic shifting for SHIMANO STEPS with the 8-speed Di2 hub. User's manual. E6000 Series. “Bike Owner's manual” and the specific “RIDE+ Owner's manual” carefully before you ride. 2014 Trek Bicycle Corporation.

Trek QR Re - Pedal Moraine, West Bend, So it’s reassuring to know that a Shimano dealer is never far away. This means that range overview makes a prediction, which can vary depending on these different factors. A: Don’t touch the pedals when switching on the e-bike. It should be possible to move the chain up and down 15 mm. Q: How can I upgrade from a mechanical 8-speed hub to a Di2 8-speed hub on a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike? Trek's Owner's Manual contains detailed instructions for proper quick release. 2007, 4300 D, 6000 D, 7.3 FX D, 7.5 FX D, Bitter, Fuel EX 5, Fuel EX 5 WSD, Hifi.

Safety Re – Trek bicycles with a front disc brakes and Assistance is not provided at speeds exceeding 25 km/h? Recharging at every opportunity is in fact good for battery life, because that means complete discharge happens more rarely. Q: Can I exchange cycle computers between two SHIMANO STEPS e-bikes? With the SM-PCE1 the SHIMANO STEPS bike can be connected to the PC via USB port. Q: Is SHIMANO STEPS compatible with coaster brakes? If you do not have an Owner's Manual, see your local Trek retailer. 2007, 4300 D, 6000 D, 7.3 FX D, 7.5 FX D, Bitter, Fuel EX 5, Fuel EX 5.

Bicycle Owner's Manual A: The remaining battery capacity is affected by temperature and cycle count. Which means about 95% capacity remains after 1 year, and 90% after 2 years. Bicycle Owner's Manual. Even if you have ridden a bike for years, it is important for EVERY person to read Chapter 1 before you ride your new bicycle.

Trek Bike Owners Manuals and Bontrager Product A: If the bicycle is not used for an extended period of time, charge the battery periodiy. Q: How much does the remaining battery capacity decrease after several years? RIDE+ Owner's Manuals. RIDE+ Owner's Manual - Bosch System - Active Line 2015 · RIDE+ Owner's Manual - Bosch System - Performance Line 2015.

Manuals – myCharge Peak 6000 RFAM-0166 · Summit 3000 RFAM-0165 · Trek 2000 RFAM-0164 · Sojourn 1000 RFAM-0194 · Energy Shot ES20K · Rapid Recharge RR40G.

Service - Shimano STEPS FAQ. Icon-manual. Find your manuals and cal documentation. Download manuals. Icon-etube. Download the E-TUBE software below. E-tube platform.

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